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[Solved] 2h of Spa-Francorchamps

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2h of Spa-Francorchamps

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Here is all the information you need for Round 3 at Spa-Francorchamps (4th July, 2pm CET)

Qualifying (Dry):

Drivers will have 20 Minutes to set their fastest clean lap. The Lobby is set to “Timed Race”. That means the session ends automatically once 20 Minutes are over. If you don't get a clean lap we'll add 1 Minute to your fastest dirty lap time which basically means that you'll start at the back of Lobby 2. Make sure you get a clean lap

Advanced Options:

Damage Difficulty – Simulation

Collision Mode - Always Off

You are not allowed to drive opposite to the driving direction during the qualifying and in the race Race (mainly dry, light rain at the start)

This is a 2 hour Endurance race. The race will be set to 60 laps. Once the 1st car completes 60 laps the race ends within 5 seconds. This is the only way we can monitor mandatory pit stops since its not possible to set mandatory stops in a Timed Race. This means that GT will only do about 52 laps overall (slower lap times) So, GT drivers, be aware that you make all 3 mandatory stops before your lap count reaches 52 laps, depending on your lap times of course (P1 will be close to ending the race then)

Advanced Options: Damage Difficulty

Simulation Collision Mode - Always On

Pit Stops: The “LM” P1 and “LM” GT2 drivers will have to pit 3 times during the race.

Since “LM” GT1 is a spec class there will not be any mandatory stops for this class. Remember that drivers will not be permitted to drive on the track back to the pit entrance once they pass it. If they miss the pit entrance, drivers will have to drive around the track again to get back to the pit entrance

Race Starting Procedure:

2x2 Rolling Start at 100 km/h (60mph) after 1 formation lap at the old start line (on the straight before Eau Rouge). As the first row of 2 cars passes the start/finish line the race begins for all participants and overtaking is immediately allowed

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