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"To finish first you have to finish first"


Overall rules of behaviour:

  1. Driving with contact in mind is prohibited.
  2. Chaniging lines while defending is allowed only once in front of each corner. Lane changing under braking is prohibited.
  3. Forcing another car off track is prohibited. As soon as the frontaxle of the car behind is next to the rear axle of the car in front the driver in front has to leave enough room for the other car.
  4. While lapping the driver that is about to get lapped has to move off the racing line.
  5. Outside the tracklimits lapping or overtaking is prohibited. The track position gained has to be given back immediately.
  6. Blocking the track is prohibited.
  7. During a stint a car is only allowed to take a break with a distance of two car widths to the track.
  8. Driving against the direction of travel is prohibited.
  9. Tracklimits: Tracklimits are identical to the tracklimits defined by the game. Extending is tolerated as long as the inside tires stay on the inside/outside kerb with their full running surface.
  10. Taking unfair advantages in general is prohibited.





  • Qualifying Sessions determines the grid order in stint one of the race.
  • The fastest clean laptime of one session results in the rated time, which will determine grid order.
  • One session takes 45 minutes and Session duration will also be set to 45 minutes.
  • If a driver is happy with his lap, he can leave the session earlier after communicating with the host.
  • Collisions - off
  • Damage - Simulation



Formation lap stint 1 & 6:

  • Formation lap does not start at the beginning of the session but only when the Pace-Car starts into the formation lap.
  • Pace-Car will take position in front of the grid at the beginning of the session. No driver starts the formation lap in front of the Pace-Car.
  • As soon as the Pace-Car starts the formation lap, all drivers take position in single file behind the Pace-Car.
  • Overtaking is prohibited throughout the whole formation lap.
  • Warming the tires by weaving is allowed.
  • Hard braking is not allowed.
  • If a driver leaves the track with all 4 tires he has to sort in at the end of the group.
  • The Pace-Car will limit the speed to 80 mph.

Race start stint 1 & 6:

  • When reaching the gridpoint (view driver briefing) the Pace-Car will reduce the speed to 40 mph.
  • Warming the tires within the start formation is not allowed.
  • Hard braking within start formation is not allowed:
  • Drivers are to position themselves in double file behind the Pace-Car. 2 next to 1; 3 next to 4; etc.
  • Formation and speed are to be hold until the polesetter crosses the start line.
  • As soon as the polesetter crosses the startlane the race is started for all drivers.

Formationphase stint 2 to 5:

  • Formationphase starts directly at the beginning of the session.
  • All drivers are to be line up into singlefile behind the first placed car.
  • First placed car has to obey to a speed limit of 40 mph until the start point.
  • Overtaking is prohibited throughout the whole formationphase.
  • Warming of tires is not allowed.
  • Hard braking is not allowed.

Race start stint 2 to 5:

  • As soon as one driver reaches the start point (view driver briefing) his race has started.


  • Point of the race is to achieve the best possible placement and overall time.
  • The stint ends when the racetimer expires.
  • The placement in the previous stint serves as the starting place for the next stint



The results of the entire event will be evaluated and announced within one hour after the end of the last stint. The total times of the individual stints result in the final total time of the event and determine the winners of the 200 laps of Spa. 



  • Teams have to consist of 2 to 3 drivers.
  • A team has to drive all sessions with the same car and livery.
  • A driver can drive for several teams.
  • A driver is to take a break of minimum 1 stint after driving a maximum of 3 stints in a row.
  • In each session only 1 driver per team is allowed to join the lobby.



Race control is your first person to contact for anything that needs to be sorted out. Also it makes sure that everyone complies with the rules and it gives penalties if there should be a violation. Race control can give penalties like warnings, time penalties, disqualifications or a ban from the whole event.

Orders of race control are to be followed immediately.


Part of race control are:




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