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In terms of painting you are allowed to live out your creativity. Other than the listed mandatory vehicle recognition stickers we will not dictate the way you design your car.


Strictly prohibited are nudity, tobaco or alcohol sponsorship, advertisement for other drugs, political motives, aswell as discriminating or offensive contents. Violations of this rule will be penalised.


The following stickers can be found in the store of "GRT MB AMG" and are named as "Spa 200". They are mandatory and to be installed on the cars as shown in the examplary pictures:

  • Spa 200 numberplate
  • Spa 200 logo
  • Start Number (on the back of the car)


The font size of the number board is 10 and the numbers have to be black.

The font size of the numbers is “UPPER LETTERS 1” and the size is 55x55.


At last we would like to encourage all teams and drivers to run the hashtag #SayNoToRacism on their cars.


Numberplate - on both sides on the area beneath the window line in between both wheelhouses

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Start Number - on the back of the car, preferably between the taillights

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Logo – on at least 2 different sides, placement freely selectable

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